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Pumpkin Head Wod Friday October 20th 6pm Class
Athlete of the Month
Congrats Carmen Cahill! She is our September Athlete of the Month!
We asked Carmen a couple questions to learn a little more about her!

1.If you could choose the playlist for the class workout of the day, what would be your very first song on the playlist?
The Doors – my favorite song is “Light My Fire!
2. What is your favorite food?
I love Italian food so it would be lasagna!
3. If you could choose a superhero power, what would it be?
My favorite superhero is Batman played by Adam West in the 1960s it was a TV series. Batman fought the bad guys  in Gotham City. My hero.
4. You just won a million dollars! What is the first thing you would purchase?!
If I won a million dollars the first thing I would do is buy Gary a larger fishing  boat then open up college funds for my  grandchildren, money to my children and lastly I would give a portion to charity.
5. What is your favorite activity to do outside of the gym?
My favorite activity outside the gym would be bike riding
6. How did you get into CrossFit and what do you like about it?
My nephew/godson is a CrossFit trainer/instructor. My sister Louise told me I have to try this saying you’re going to love it and she’s absolutely right!
What I like about CrossFit is the workout is different each day, a challenge, and when I finish the work out I feel great.
7. What is your favorite CrossFit movement?
Box jumps
                                                                        8. If you had any advice to give someone thinking about trying CrossFit what would it be?
My advice to someone would be to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. CrossFit is fun,  you work out in a stress free atmosphere  with a great trainer and most of all the health benefits will pay off!