Home Mobility
MOBILITY w/ Lacrosse Ball or Baseball
1) Mash around shoulder blades standing up against a wall. Start at the upper trap and work your way down around shoulder-blade.
2 mins per side
. 2) Mash Upper Pec, under clavicle, up against wall moving side to side.
2 mins per side.
3) Mash Triceps. Lying on your side place lacrosse ball under tricep and apply pressure. Move tricep along ball.
2 mins per side
4) Lying Front Rack stretch
Hold 2 mins.
5) Glute Mash- Lying down in front of a wall, bring feet up to a 90 degree angle with shin and quad, and place ball under glute. Apply pressure and move hips side to side. Make sure back and head are in contact with the floor.
2 mins per side
6) Plantar Mash- Standing or sitting, place lacrosse ball under your foot and apply pressure. You can move foot side to side or roll over and back on lacrosse ball.
3 mins per side.